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Dominic Mazzone is a serial entrepreneur, and a digitally focused management consultant. He evolves businesses into successful disruptors of the future. Through speaking, writing, videos and consulting he inspires his audiences to smash their old and lazy notions of what a business should be. From starting his first business at 16, to leading a successful corporate career, to digitally transforming entire industries, to incubating new and exciting companies, Dominic has been featured in Media across North America including Bloomberg, CBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, Chicago Tribune, and the Toronto Star.

Digital or Death is the first book on the world of digital strategy that won’t bore you to sleep. It takes an entertaining, highly informative real world approach with enough information and energy to get you inspired to innovate. Dominic Mazzone is part digital guru, part comedian, part entrepreneurial titan. He has the uncanny ability to get you thinking in a way you never have before, while creating the motivation you’ll need to succeed. If there was a book that could actually increase your drive and expand the creative part of your brain, this is the one.


Do you cross the line with all the personal experiences in Digital or Death

What are Digital Hooks and Dynamic Interaction

It took 1 year to write the book