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My New Book Digital Speaking

Digital or Death


  • What is Digital Transformation
  • How to avoid being part of the Digital Die-Off
  • The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation
  • How to make Wonder Theory work for you
  • How to smash your industry through Revolution Delivery
  • Why every business needs Dynamic Interaction
  • Make the Strawberry Model and the Christmas Effect part of your business

Digital or Death is the first book on the world of digital strategy that won’t bore you to sleep. It takes an entertaining, highly informative real world approach with enough information and energy to get you inspired to innovate. Dominic Mazzone is part digital guru, part comedian, part entrepreneurial titan. He has the uncanny ability to get you thinking in a way you never have before, while creating the motivation you’ll need to succeed. If there was a book that could actually increase your drive and expand the creative part of your brain, this is the one.



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Dominic Mazzone Talks about Digital or Death.

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“Canada’s Digital Guru”

– Canadian Business Journal

About Dominic

Dominic Mazzone is a serial entrepreneur, and a digitally focused management consultant. He evolves businesses into successful disruptors of the future. Through speaking, writing, and consulting he inspires his audiences to smash their old and lazy notions of what a business should be. From starting his first business at 16, to leading a successful corporate career, to digitally transforming entire industries, to incubating new and exciting companies, Dominic has been featured in Media across North America including Bloomberg, CBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, Chicago Tribune, and the Toronto Star.  Dominic is the Managing Partner of Smashbox Consulting Inc.

Have Questions like…
  • How do we digitally transform our business?
  • How do we create a comprehensive digital strategy?
  • How do we create a global digital presence?
  • How do we smash our competition and our industry digitally?
  • How do we start?

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“It’s a cliché to say that someone has seen it all, but well, Dominic Mazzone has certainly seen a lot”


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  • Digital Transformation and Evolution
  • Launching A Business
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Coming Back from Failure
  • Creating Success by Tearing Down
  • Capital Raising Reality Check
  • Creating a Web Presence
  • Digital Marketing
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  • Building a Digital Brand
  • Sales and Marketing
  • How to Transform a Business
  • Why your Business Sucks
  • Mobile Marketing (and Why It’s Taking Over the World)
  • Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
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Making It Happen

Dominic knows what it takes because he’s done it himself, multiple times. Who’s advice are you going to value more, an experienced successful executive and owner or a consultant? Every organization has it’s own objectives and challenges, and Dominic comes in with a tailored lecture in his own relatable personality that’s educational but enjoyable too.

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What Makes Dominic Different?

Audience Testimonials

Fortune 500 CEO’s and Educators

“I’ve had the pleasure of observing Dominic address and engage with a group of CEOs in a workshop-like setting. He has the rare skill of immediately understanding complex issues and discovering unique solutions to address them. He conveys digital and entrepreneurial expertise in a direct and honest manner, while doing so in a humorous way. He’s the real deal with an entertaining twist!”

Ed Minich
Former CEO of Otis, Professor of Business, McMaster, University

“Dominic used great visuals and his expertise to make the online world easy to understand.”

Gillian Mandich


“I have had the pleasure of listening to Dominic on a few occasions. He captures the room with his charismatic personality, and engages the audience at all times. Best of all, he talks about the things everyone else is either afraid to say or be challenged on. He inspires those that listen, and is a phenomenal speaker.”

Michael Gesualdi
TD Waterhouse

Business Owners

“Dominic was amazing and provided more information than I expected about how to leverage my business on the internet.”

Ray Ortiz
Fitness Bootcamps

“Dominic’s presentation style engages the entire audience from the time he steps centre stage. Witty, relevant and thought provoking, he challenges the status quo in the digital media space. His strategies will leave your competitors in the dust!”

Aaron Lalvani, CEO
The Lalvani Group

Audience Members

Dominic was out of this world, very passionate and helpful in providing education about digital.

Kevin Richards

Dominic tips on digital strategy were great. I am walking away with his quote “you have to have technique” Great info provided. Thank You!

Rima Hajjaj

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